Fist Form (拳術)

Beginner's Cudgel Form for Adult
  1. Ready (預備)
  2. Salute (敬禮)
  3. Start (開始)
  4. Holding the cudgel with feet together (并步抱棍)
  5. Pushing the cudgel with feet together (并步推棍)
  6. Strike with empty stance (虛步打把)
  7. End tilt with knee-lifted balance (提膝挑把)
  8. Downward slap with deop crouch stance (仆步摔棍)
  9. thrust with bow stance (弓步戳棍)
  10. sweep with bow stance (并步掃棍)
  11. Downward strike with side horse stance (斜馬步劈棍)
  12. Horizontal end strike with Bow stance (弓步橫擊把)
  13. Cudgel figure 3 times (舞花棍)
  14. Shouldering the cudgel with bow stance (弓步背棍)

Beginner's Group Fist Form for Youth
  1. Fist and palm salute (拱手禮)
  2. Commending move with both fists ay your waist (抱拳啟勢)
  3. Spread your legs and cross your hands (開步交叉拳)
  4. Horse stance with both fists at your waist (馬步抱拳)
  5. Horse stance with punching (馬步沖拳)
  6. Bow stance with pushing hands (弓步推掌)
  7. High empty stance with palm turning (高虛步亮掌)
  8. Hammer strike with feet togetther (并步砸拳)
  9. Outward grabbing and punching with bow stance (Lou手弓步沖拳)
  10. Punching with bow stance (弓步沖拳)