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倒捻猴 Repulse monkey
摩云八法 Mopping the mirror
玉女穿梭 Fair lady works at shuttle
攬雀尾 Grasping bird's tail
金雞獨立 Golden rooster stands on one leg
野馬分鬃 Parting wild horse's mane
白鶴亮翅 White crane spreads its wings
云手 Cloud hand
摟膝拗步 Brush knee twist steps
蛇身下勢 Snake creeps down
左右蹬腿 Frog kicks
海底珍 Needle at the bottom of the sea
抱虎歸山 Embrace tiger back to the mountain

The Legend of the Taichi Monkey

Long ago in a land far away, a young monkey sought a worthy master who could train him in the art of Taichi. During his travels, he had heard of an old master in a dark corner of the forest. Who had earned great respect for his prowess in self defense. So, the monkey decided to pay a visit to this master and see if he was a worthy teacher. Once he found the master's cottage, the monkey waited until dawn and attacked him in the midst of his slumber. To the monkey's surprise, the master easily repulsed him away and left him stunned on the earth. The monkey understood that he had founa a wise and skillful master, and he respectfully asked the master to teach him his technique. The master agreed and accepted him as his disciple. As a disciple, his first task was to mop the window and then open it to allow a view of the moon. After this, the monkey was to clean the bird cage. Unfortunately, as soon as he opened the cage, the crafty sparrow within flew out in search of freedom. The monkey desperately tried to grasp the bird's tail but it was no use. Later, the master scolded him over his foolish actions and ordered him to catch and return the sparrow at once The monkey immediately mounted a rooster and set off in search of the sparrow. Unfortunately, the rooster was not fast enough. So, the monkey mounted a horse to catch the sparrow. When he finelly came in sight of the bird, the sparrow quickly ascended high into the sky, forcing the monkey to ride a white crane all the way to the wavy clouds. Just as suddenly, the sparrow descended, and the monkey had to reach down and brush his knee. As the sparrow neared the ground, a hungry snake creeped out of his hollow and struck at the sparrow. However, the sparrow quickly jumped onto a lotus leaf, evading the snake but disturbing a frog. The frog promptly kicked the sparrow off, causing him to plunge deep into the water. Seeing this, the monkey dove intro the water and began an exhaustive search for the sparrow, who was hidden like a needle at the bottom of the sea. When at last he found the sparrow, the weary monkey carried the bird back to the mountains and presented it to his master. Upon seeing the bird returned, the master understood the ordeals the monkey had overcome. With great reverence, the master told the monkey to take leave, far there was nothing more he could teach him.

(by Dr. Chi-hsiu Wang)

Tai-Chi for Improving Health & Self-Defense

Dr. Chi-hsiu D. Wang

Qigong (Chi-kung), is a system of energy restoring exercises that emphasizes the harmonious integration of the total human body with the universe. Qigong is an art and science that protects and strengthens the health and wellness of the practitioner. Taiji (T'ai-chi) Qigong is a unique system of Qigong that is based upon the exercise movements of Taijiquan (T'ai-cubi-ch'uan). The exercises of Taiji Qigong give the practitioner additional benefits in comparison to those who practice other systems of Qigong. These additional benefits are gained through the movement exercises of Taiji, and include improved self defense capabilities and better thinking patterns.

Taiji movement exercises effectively express the Taoist principles of non-resistance, cycling and continuity, polarity and balance. Non-resistance is the principle of not opposing a force encountered in daily life, but rather accepting and incorporating the force into an individual's thoughts and actions, thus producing eventual success. Cycling and continuity refers to the notion that the universe moves in a rhythmic continuing cycle of death and re-birth that is connected from the end back to the beginning. The principles of polarity and balance refer to the Taoist concept of a universe that is divided into the two opposing forces of Yin and Yang. The Yin and Yang forces compete against each other for influence in the universe. Balance describes the relationship between the forces of Yin and Yang as they move towards a stable and harmonious coexistence.

Understanding the Taoist principles expressed through the movements of Taiji gives the practitioners self defense capabilities, removes the mental and physical barriers to health and wellness, and increases sensitivity to the holistic nature of the universe. The Taiji system of Qigong and a dedicated practitioner will develop a lifestyle in harmony with the universe.